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Dine in beautiful surroundings

Allow us to spoil you. Our restaurant and the café leave noting to be desired. Enjoy our home-made cakes in the afternoon, or a romantic dinner for two in the evening. The culinary diversity ranges from Thuringian specials over fish dishes to dishes of wild game.

Have we spiked your appetite? Here is a small extract of our menu.

Grilled stripes of chicken breast
on crunchy leaf salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots,
with fresh fruit and croutons
€ 15,90

Gourmet fish plate - variations of game fish:
witch fish, salmon and rosefish filets, floured and roasted,
on a bed of spinach with a touch of garlic, potatoes
€ 18,90

„Exotic“ rosefish (from ocean perch), glaceed carrot julienne with a touch of ginger, aromatic Indian rice.
€ 17,90

Stir-fry filet stripes with duchess potatoes,
tender stripes of pork filet, fried in onions and fresh mushrooms with a touch of cream
€ 18,90

Grilled medaillons of pork, served with
fruit and nuts, cooked in butter, duchess potatoes
€ 16,90

Savory beef roulade with red cabbage with apples and home-made Thuringian dumplings
€ 14,90

Roast venison, cooked in red wine
with red cabbage with apples and home-made Thuringian dumplings
€ 15,90

Beef filet with chanterelle, fried onions fresh from the garden,
French fries and a homemade scallions and red wine butter
€ 29,90

T-bone steak „Mexico“
corn and kidney beans in a tango with red chilies, French fries
€ 26,90

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