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Tradition is an obligation


Tradition is an obligation

The Haus am See dates back to 1932. At the time it was a summer house with gardens, used as a guest house for the visitors of Schleusingen. It was a famous destination for excursions, located at the famous Slusia well, the origin of the town. After 1954 the state-owned trade organization took over the Haus am See.

In 1972 Wolfgang and Renate Menk rented the Haus am See. Now the restaurant was established. Mr Egon Menk, the senior, had long years of experience as a master confectioner.

After the German Reunification the Menk famil bought the Haus am See and the land around it. The old building was no longer up to modern standards, so Wolfgang and Renate Mend decided to renovate the building and to expand the offer. In 1995 the entire building was torn down and in the following year today‘s Haus am See was built.

It reopened on September 13th, 1996 , shining in new splendor. Renate and Wolfgang Menk with their daughter Nikola have since carried on the family tradition.

IN 2005 the house was renovated. An interior designer helped to create a stylish look.
The unique location by the lake invites you to to stay an rest on the Lake Lounge Terraces. Or you can go for a stroll on the lake in our own rowing boats.

Haus am See Schleusingen