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The Mermaid Slusia

A rich count hunted in the forests of the area long before the town existed, continuously pursuing a white doe without being able to hunt it down. Night broke and the count, who had been separated from his companions, had to break a night camp on the bare forest ground.

As soon as he laid down at the foot of a stony hill he perceived an unusual brightness and saw a craggy grotto containing a crystal pool: 3 silver fountains gushing into it and on the sparkling waves a charming water fairy swayed. Around her forehead she wore a sparkling headband, showing the letters S.L.U.S The fairy sang a sweet and enchanting song, and when she was finished, the beckoned the count over and told him, that the doe he had been hunting was her daughter, spellbound by a vicious wizard, who lived on the hill in a huge and massive tower.

She tried to sing this wizard to sleep, and the count should overpower him and kill him. In this he would succeed with the help of the letters on her headband, which had the meaning: She (the fairy‘s daughter) Love and conquer!

It all happened as planned and when the wizard was dead, the count had to sprinkle the doe with the water from the crystal fountain three times. Those three fountains were the union of the the three mountain rivers: Schleuse, Erle and Nahe. This done, the doe turned into a lovely young lady. The count married her and called himself and his dynasty von der Brunstedt, built a castle and founded the town of Schleusingen, named with the magical letters S.L.U.S., bearing the mermaid in its crest.

Legend has it, that the water fairy still lives in the castle‘s well, which is the clearest and best in town. The Brunstedt family, however, got out of hand and is said to have driven the count away.

(One of the fountains can be found next to our house at the litte wooden bridge.)

Haus am See Schleusingen