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Schleusingen and its surroundings - where both nature and culture are beckoning

If you want to take a less sporty approach, you can discover a lot of interesting places around Schleusingen. In Thuringia the great German poets Goethe and Schiller are always very prevailant, in the cultural capital Weimar, which is 100 kms away, you will come across them with every step. Martin Luther, the great religious reformer, is not far away. Eisenach with the famous Wartburg castle is waiting to be discovered by you. But also Ilmenau, Suhl or Gotha are medieval beauty spots, where the visitor can always discover something new in the many small enchanted alleys. Don‘t forget Oberhof, which became internationally known due to the many talents trained in the skiing centre. In the winter the Thuringian Forest is deeply covered in snow and you can follow the beautiful tracks on cross-country skis. And if you want to reach for the stars, the astronomical observatory at Sonneberg is the place to go.

Stroll around the winding alleys of Schleusingen, take a look at the third oldest grammar school of Germany, enjoy the medieval atmosphere and admire the Bertholdsburg castle. Discover the surprising offer of the artists‘ yard „Roter Ochse“ and visit the museum for natural history. After having stocked up on culture, take a hike to the mountain lake Ratscher, which is not only perfect for a swim during the summer, but also offers a lot of extraordinary events, among them the largest country music festival in Germany.

Haus am See Schleusingen